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Travelling With Pain

By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS,

Certified member of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada)

Retiring these designations DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup.


Dr. Ouellette's Measuring Wellness Tools

There's no doubt about it, travelling with pain presents some challenges. However, it also presents some opportunities to train the brain away from pain. Many factors come into play when assessing pain; the type of pain, the severity of pain, disabilities with the pain, possible depression that may follow or accompany pain all affect readiness to travel.

As well as the understandable arguments to stay home with pain, there is the argument that getting out will help get the blood flowing which will help pain. Getting out will help alleviate some depression episodes, will offer the opportunity to talk to other people in pain and may offer the tantalising possibility of learning something new to help with the pain.

All in all, a person in pain needs a proper evaluation to be okayed to travel with their pain. To that end we provide a toolkit to streamline the process and offer travelling with pain readiness tools. The toolkit also provides opportunities for people to get more help if they want it.

The toolkit is called Dr. Ouellette’s WellnessWithPain.com Travellers Kit List. This list contains help for travel clients in pain and are looking for some guidance. There are two important checkoff lists.

  • Pain and Travel Readiness CheckOff List
    • Located in the Travellers Kit List. At this time it is free. 
    • Also an excellent tool for travel clients to screen themselves
  • Seventeen Yes Confirmations List
    • Located in Dr. Ouellette's EVALUATION of the Mini Readiness Form
    • Again an excellent tool for travel clients to screen themselves

The toolkit is a list of procedures and documents. It can be obtained free by anyone, by contacting the following email. Just supply your full name including middle initial, and email address.



People travelling with pain usually want to be thorough and get a good idea as to whether they can handle their pain on a holiday. Travel clients will benefit from our process.

  • Dr. Ouellette's Pain and Travel Mini Readiness Form
    • Helps people screen themselves for readiness to travel. Contains 17 Questions.
    • Contains the Informed Consent Form.
  • Dr. Ouellette's EVALUATION of the Mini Readiness Form
    • 6 pages and contains the following
    • Seventeen Yes Confirmation Requirements to Travel With Pain Checklist
    • 17 Yeses mean 100% ready to travel with pain.
    • This is a great way to ensure thoroughness and gives the client a piece of mind that they have done everything they can to prepare for Travelling With Pain.


To be assessed for travelling with pain anyone can start the process themselves.

1. Obtain the free kit Dr. Ouellette’s WellnessWithPain.com Traveller's Kit List.
       - Did we say it's free? Just send an email to the above address and ask for it.

2.  Purchase Dr. Ouellette's Pain and Travel Mini Readiness Form.  $5.46 CAD
       - A small price to pay for such a great piece of mind.

3. Complete the Readiness form and send it back in, then receive
       - Dr. Ouellette's EVALUATION of the Mini Readiness Form.
       - Contains the 17 Yes Confirmations necessary for 100% readiness to Travel With Pain.

4. For a more thorough evaluation from Dr. Ouellette see the end of the Traveller's Kit List for
       - Full Consultation Costs with Dr. Ouellette.
       - This can be done online and at home, and does not require an In-Office visit.

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