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1. Is this WellnessWithPain program a pain program or a physiotherapy program?
The WellnessWithPain Program is not a pain reduction program, nor a physiotherapy program, nor a chiropractic program. It is a multi-therapy Wellness program for people in pain that focuses on exercise and nutrition, specifically Dr. Ouellette’s Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Pain Relief Wellness Diet. We are not doing crisis intervention here as that is for medical doctors, chiropractors and others. You can think of Health Advice Therapy as First Aid for one's lifestyle and you can think of WellnessWithPain as CPR for one's lifestyle without the CP part. I quess you could say we provide Wellness resuscitation. We provide Wellness concepts with that added one-on-one contact that is so important. People who live to far away to drive to our programs can take advantage of the web assessment and the web workshops with Dr. Ouellette.

2. Is this program covered by insurance?
An optional Chiropractic Consultation/Examination can be purchased, and as such would qualify for insurance coverage if a person has that kind of coverage. We have an online fillable PDF form as an Entrance Record. However, to qualify as a chiropractic patient one must be seen physically by the chiropractor so that a standard consultation and examination can be performed. There is no getting around that. A diagnosis must be gained and it can only be made with a direct meeting with the doctor. However, if you do not wish to place this care through chiropractic insurance then you only need to take Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator (in the past called The Canadian Holistic Online Consultation).

OHIP does not cover this program.

3. Can I pay for Workshop sessions on a fee-for-service basis?
Answer: No!  The Workshop program is a package program that comes with 3-4 hours with Dr. Ouellette, and a Wellness Report of Findings that includes a Wellness Action Plan within the 35 page Report of Findings. Three to four hours with Dr. Ouellette is what most people need to grasp the concepts in this program and get on the Roadway to Optimal Health Secrets. You can purchase fee-for-service time outside this program, but the requirements will likely cost you more.

4. What assessments will be performed?
The WellnessWithPain Program includes Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator (Both entry and discharge assessments).

5. What is the overall goal again, of this program?
The overall goal of our program is active self-help, with our help. In other words, people learn how to help themselves, how to prioritize strategies, how to become more fit, how to be more healthy. And, people get that one-on-one help that is so important. Come join us.

6. What secrets will I learn? Well, if we told you that here then they wouldn't be secrets any more. Just joking. We couldn't resist that one. There are too many to list here. You'll have to join with us to get on the roadway to optimal health and Wellness, and learn our secrets. For a list of some secrets, see our secrets page.

7. What about getting some pain relief FAST so I can get ready for an event or a holiday?
Yes, we love to help with that FAST service and FAST relief, but you will need to be one of those people who does everything we ask no matter how difficult it is for you. Even if you are in crisis pain we can help FAST, if you listen. There are secrets and we have them. For this type of service people would become patients of Dr. Ouellette. Fast relief most often entails an in-office visit, but not always. Three days can show the start of relief and there are reasons why that is so.

8. What are the benefits I might see?
- More energy
- Less pain
- More enjoyment in life
- Less stress
- More movement
- Less restriction
- More weight loss
- Less frustration

 All-in-all, a better lifestyle.

 9. Can I travel with pain?
It depends on a number of factors. Quite possibly, yes. We have a program for assessing pain and travel. It all starts with Dr. Ouellette's Pain and Travel Readiness Form. You should start by obtaining the free document Dr. Ouellette's WellnessWithPain.com Travellers Kit List. See our web page on Travelling with Pain on this web site.


See our Choose Wellness Form on our WellnessActionPlanner web site.

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