Professional level assessing and managing wellness and pain. Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company

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Patient Page

For people who have been referred here by a Health Care Professional. Patients are people who become  patients in Dr. Ouellette's private practice.

Our services are a combination of several programs and five stories.

- Low Back Pain (In-Office Program) This is not part of the WellnessWithPain program.
- A Weight Loss Program can be developed as well (Internet Program)

New Low Back Pain Protocols, flexion decompression with Doctor’s hand assist, PLUS LASER Therapy. PLUS, a combination of manual therapies. Do you have other pains too? We’ll work with you on those as well.

1. The Chiropractic story, New protocols, New combinations, Emergency visits available
2. The Wellness story, WellnessWithPain - WellnessWithPain.com
3. The Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Pain Relief, Wellness Diet story; The name says it all.
4. The Wellness Knowledge Calculator story for Optimal Health Wellness - TheQ.ca
5. Dr. Ouellette’s Wellness Web Workshop story

We would be happy to discuss your issues with a free introductory consultation. Send an email for a reservation.

The Chiropractic Story
Catch the small things before they become big things. Emergency visits available by appointment only.

The Wellness Story
People need the Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets in addition to chiropractic care. In the end, people have to rely on themselves and their own Wellness Action Plan. Where to get that Action Plan is the question. We have the answer, we have the assessment. It’s really easy, it’s inexpensive, and a customised Action Plan follows in Wellness workshops.

The Pain Relief Diet Story
The FoodPainConnection

Get measured online with Dr. Ouellette’s Wellness Knowledge Calculator. See how your Wellness numbers compare to others. Find out if food may be a part of your ongoing problems. Anybody can do this diet for three days. There isn’t anywhere else that you are going to get as thorough an assessment as here, and no one else assesses for the Pain Relief Diet.

The Weight Loss Story
There are many ways to lose weight, some better than others. We’ll show you our healthy better way.

Wellness Web Workshops
Most people need extra help. Our workshops are designed to provide that help. People in crisis pain, acute pain, chronic pain, or reoccurring pain have a new protocol and a new plan now. People not in pain learn the secrets to staying well.

See our Choose Wellness Form on our WellnessActionPlanner web site.