Professional level assessing and managing wellness and pain. Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company

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Health Professional's Page

The health care professional who refers clients will receive a two page Wellness Web Health Professional's Report in PDF format, that lists all 38 scores and red flags scores needing first priority. This report covers the web assessment only, but all Wellness numbers are clear and easy to compare with what most people get and with Red Flag levels.
Scientific evidence is mounting with more and more papers attesting to the benefits of proper regular exercise for many, many problems including cancer, heart disease, vascular disease, arthritis, diabetes etc. Blood flow is so important that it should not be ignored by anyone. We are happy to introduce our WellnessWithPain Program for people in pain.

These are some of the wishes we hear about.
I’d like a better body.
I’d like better energy.
I’d like more sleep.
I’d love to improve my diet.
I’d love less pain.
I want the Pain Relief Diet.
I want to live LONGER.
I want to LIVE BETTER.
How do I get STARTED?  How do I start when I’m in so much pain?

Wellness Workshops
Dr. Ouellette’s WellnessWithPain Program Workshops focus on exercise and Dr. Ouellette’s Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Pain Relief, Wellness Diet. People learn how to exercise at home and in bed if needed. Exercising with pain does take some special training. Learning when to rest and when to push the limits is a skill we can pass along. Learning how to modify the Pain Relief Diet is also possible. We call this Cheating on Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet and it is the second book Dr. Ouellette wrote to help his patients.

Meeting Us in Person
For practitioners in the Southern Ontario area

If you would like us to visit your office to meet you directly, answer questions, show you our Optimal Health Wellness Progress Chart that clients receive, and discuss the 38 scores in the Progress Chart, including the Red Flag score and the Yellow Flag score, then please contact us via email.

The following are some of the scores delivered in the progress chart.
- A score for each of the Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets
          - Nutrition
          - Exercise
          - Spinal Health
          - Rest & Relaxation
          - Attitude and Perspective in life
- Nine scores in the Nutrition module, including an osteoporosis screening
- Six scores in the Pain Relief Diet module
- Energy Levels score
- Psychological score
- Anger score
- Abuse & Control score
- Healthy Relationship score
- Red flags score
- Symptoms & Signs score
- Pain Severity score
- Yellow Flags score
- Antioxidant Needs score

The client/patient is taught to use these scores for self directed self-help. The Patient/client finds out what most people get so they can compare themselves, and they find out what their red flagged levels are.

Health professionals will have the opportunity to obtain the Health Professional's Report on each client they refer. This is a two page document that describes how to read the Progress Chart.

People who live to far to drive to our office can take advantage of Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator and Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Workshops. You can refer people even if you, or they, live in another city. We also have a Wellness Agent Program that pays commissions on sales of our workshops. Inquire for more information on that program.

See our Choose Wellness Form on our WellnessActionPlanner web site.