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Dr. Ouellette’s Professional Opinion on Back Pain

People with back pain most often have both a physical lesion and a physiological lesion. Some people may also have what can be called a mental lesion or more precisely, an aberrant view point toward their pain.

Physical Lesion
The physical lesion is the malfunctioning vertebra, either misplaced or fixated in some way. People often have a physical disability superimposed on this physical lesion. That physical disability may be a spinal disc bulge or disc herniation, or even a minor disc swelling. Others have anatomy variations like miss-shaped vertebra or a short leg on one side that predispose them to problems, but they can learn to deal with these problems and lessen the impacts on their lifestyle.

Physiological Lesion
The physiological lesion is a dietary attack on digestive tissues that can extend into other soft tissues and exhibit as skin problems and energy problems such as fatigue and/or sleep disturbances. This lesion is quite often miss-diagnosed or missed altogether. These hidden problems lead to much suffering as people struggle to get relief as they cycle from one type of sprain-stain to another all along thinking it is the physical strain that caused the problems. The physical strain is part of the problem for sure, but only a part. Blood flow that is compromised is one of the main culprits in poor health. Lack of physical activity, poor food choices that plug up the system, and injuries that cause swelling all compromise blood flow. Getting that blood flow back is a primary need.

Dealing with the physical lesions, physiological lesions, and even the mental lesions, if we can take some licence to call them that, requires a multi phase approach. Our Wellness program is designed to identify hidden problems and provide a secret niche, our Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet that helps to clean out the digestive physiological lesions. This speeds up healing and leads to a more permanent correction. One just has to learn the rules and time lines of this diet.

Wellness Web Workshops are designed to give people that extra one-on-one help they so desperately need and it can be delivered over the internet so there is no need to live close to our land-based facilities.

In-office services are provided to those living close enough to drive. Manual therapies give much relief, but don’t solve all the lesions. Likewise acupuncture, with its mythical explanations of a mysterious life force and invisible channels, offers only temporary relief for most people, not through the myth and magic, but through the endocrine and prostaglandin, endorphin systems in the body that give natural pain relief. 

Active self-help, with our help, is the goal.

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